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Forum Rules

Post by Smash Bot on Sun May 08, 2016 8:30 pm

Hello Guest and welcome to SMASHING!

This forum runs under some specific Rules that must be followed by everyone. Any rule violation will be held with a warning which may lead to a ban from this forum. Please take a moment to read the rules below and have in mind that these rules may change at any time an Administrator thinks it's necessary without a notification. Those who refuse to read the rules are agreed with them. since they registered and will not be exceeded from those who read them.

Forum Rules

  1. Each member is allowed one account.
  2. The forum language is English and try avoiding any other languages so that everyone understands what you are posting.
  3. Use the search engine before posting anything because someone might have posted what you want to before you.
  4. Keep the spam only where it's needed and avoid useless answers within the topics.
  5. Only Moderators are allowed to give warnings, or "tell" members what to do. If you want to do that, prefer to use the report button.
  6. This forum does not own any copyrights of any topic images, or videos. These are taken from the internet and all copyrights are more than welcome to be added.
  7. Only mild swearing is allowed.  Please refrain from using any offensive language.
  8. No sexual content please.  Violating this rule may result in a warning.
  9. Be sensible in your interactions between other members, and if you have a question about anything, please ask a staff member.

Thank you for your time and have a great stay at our forum!
Smashing Administrator Team.
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